2018 Local Elections Manifesto

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Doing better for London’s families 
London is an economically dynamic city with a wealth almost twice that of the rest of the nation. Yet, children living here are more likely to grow up in poverty than their peers elsewhere in the country. Four in ten children are living in poverty and that figure is expected to rise. London local authorities face particular challenges to best support the families they serve. Money is very difficult to find for councils, but even more so for their low-income residents:
• Housing costs are soaring, rising numbers of children across the capital are homeless and many families do not have access to
affordable, secure, quality housing
• Wages have flat-lined, there is a shortage of family friendly jobs in London and the cost of living is soaring
• There is a chronic shortage of flexible and affordable childcare
• Health inequalities are increasing as families in London struggle to afford to buy nutritious, healthy food
London families need action.

This manifesto looks to support Councillors and Councils with 12 practical recommendations to help families in London overcome the challenges they face.

Each recommendation offers candidates an opportunity to show they are committed to tackling child poverty and making London work for every family. The manifesto is supported by a broad coalition of charities, working as part of the London Child Poverty Alliance (LCPA) and committed to tackling child poverty in London.

The LCPA brings together collective knowledge, expertise and experience to develop and champion the practical solutions needed to tackle child poverty in London.


Download our manifesto here