Lobbying your local candidates

If you’re keen to tackle child poverty in your area, it is worth asking your local candidates who are up for election what they plan to do about it.3595079025_dc8525e186_q

We’ve distilled our London Local Elections manifesto into a couple of key questions, which you could use to lobby your candidates, whether at formal hustings events, when canvassing, by email, or by social media.

If you have any questions about any of these, don’t hesitate to email us – you can contact Daisy on drsrblin@cpag.org.uk


Voice and representation 

  • ​​​​How would they actively engage communities and seek the views of families on low incomes about life in the borough?

Cost of living 

Families in London face far higher living costs than families living anywhere else in England and working full time on the National Minimum wage does not provide enough for families in London to live on.

  • Is the council an accredited Living Wage employer? How would they encourage them to be so if they aren’t?
  • How will they help reduce minimum payments for low income and vulnerable residents in their Council Tax Reduction Scheme?
  •  Would they support ending the use of bailiffs by councils against low income families in financial difficulties?


London has a low supply of quality flexible jobs so parents in part-time work can struggle to improve their pay or progress in a career.

  • ​How would they encourage flexible working within the council, and in the local labour market?


Access to childcare and quality early education helps parents find and stay in work, it also is vital for children’s development.

  •  How would they work to ensure there is enough affordable, flexible quality childcare for low income families?


Given the majority of children living in poverty are also in private rented housing, and many are living in temporary accommodation as a result of the housing crisis.

  • What steps would they take to improve private rented sector conditions?
  • What opportunities can they see to increase affordable and social housing supply?


Many families worry about not being able to afford enough food, or end up going hungry in London.

  • How would they work to make sure local children can have good access to affordable nourishing food?
  • How would they protect and improve access to programmes that prevent food poverty such as Healthy Start, free school meals and holiday food provision?

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