Lobbying your local candidates

If you’re keen to tackle child poverty in your area, it is worth asking your local candidates who are up for election what they plan to do about it. We’ve distilled our London Local Elections manifesto into a couple of key questions, which you could use to lobby your candidates, whether at formal hustings events, when … Continue reading

LCPA’s 2018 manifesto: Doing better for London’s families

London Child Poverty Alliance has come together to publish a manifesto for London’s Local Authorities, with twelve recommendations which could make things better for London’s families.  Download our manifesto here or read it below. You can also read our draft questions for candidates here.  Doing better for London’s families London is an economically dynamic city with … Continue reading

Ending hunger in London

Sarah Greenwood, the Trussell Trust London Foodbank Network Manager, discusses foodbanks in London and how the new mayor can help reduce the numbers of people in crisis. “I’ve worked all my adult life but after I was made redundant, my income went from £24k a year to £4k a year… Every mother wants the best for their … Continue reading

Switched on London

Switched on London discuss how a publicly owned energy company in London can achieve an affordable, fair and democratic energy system. The biggest threat to family life in London is the cost of living. Not only housing itself, but the costs of keeping a home running: water, council tax, bills and energy. The struggle for a more … Continue reading

Cleaning up London’s dirty air

Simon Alcock, Communications and Public Affairs Manager at ClientEarth discusses the impact of air pollution on London’s children and the Clear Air Campaign. Our capital has the filthiest air in Britain. Air pollution, being driven to dangerously high and illegal levels by diesel fumes from our cars, taxis, buses and lorries, is causing almost 10,000 … Continue reading

Upfront and into work

Dalia Ben-Galim, Director of Policy, Gingerbread, discusses a new proposal to support London’s parents into work Upon the offer of a new job, excitement and relief can soon shift into a logistical balancing act for many parents. As most parents know, finding childcare that is affordable, good quality, in the right location with opening hours … Continue reading