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The need for additional support for families with children in London: a letter to the Minister for London, 16th April 2020

Paul Scully Minister for London House of Commons London SW1A 0AA 16th April 2020 Dear Minister, Re: The need for additional support for families with children in London  We welcome the government’s fast response to support job retention and respond to income shocks during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the introduction of the £500 million Hardship … Continue reading

Lobbying your local candidates

If you’re keen to tackle child poverty in your area, it is worth asking your local candidates who are up for election what they plan to do about it. We’ve distilled our London Local Elections manifesto into a couple of key questions, which you could use to lobby your candidates, whether at formal hustings events, when … Continue reading

LCPA’s 2018 manifesto: Doing better for London’s families

London Child Poverty Alliance has come together to publish a manifesto for London’s Local Authorities, with twelve recommendations which could make things better for London’s families.  Download our manifesto here or read it below. You can also read our draft questions for candidates here.  Doing better for London’s families London is an economically dynamic city with … Continue reading