Best start in life for every child

The problem

What should we do to ensure every London child gets the best start in life?

Work by the Marmot review has shown that what happens in early childhood and developing years has an impact on health, well-being and life chances in adulthood.

The next Mayor needs improve the supply of high quality, affordable childcare and ensure that children can access London’s many opportunities.

We call on candidates to:

  • Ensure there is enough childcare available for working parents by supporting local authorities to fulfil their duties under the Childcare Act 2006. This should include drives to increase supply of certain types of childcare, including for children with disabilities, across London where supply is not meeting demand.
  • Look for opportunities to use public buildings to provide childcare, helping to reduce costs. This could include using school buildings more effectively out of school hours or on-site crèches for GLA family employees.
  • Offer opportunities to enable all families to participate in London life, including free travel for families days on TfL services
  • Ensure new bus designs maximise space for buggies and wheelchairs to make it easier for families to get around London