Jobs that support families

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The problem

How do we create jobs that enable parents and carers to move into work, stay in work and progress?

We know that mothers want to work but too many find the combination of low wages, unsuitable working hours and high childcare and transport costs make this impossible. The employment rate for mothers in couples in London is 12 percentage points lower than in the rest of England.

The next Mayor needs to commit to building a bank of high quality jobs that are flexible enough to allow parents to balance family life with working life.

We call on candidates to:

  • Task the London Enterprise Panel to prioritise work on parental employment, recognising the barriers parents with a wide range of backgrounds and needs face in entering the workplace in London including support to help parents to maintain and progress in employment
  • Advertise all vacancies in the GLA family on a flexible basis unless there is a specific, good business reason not to. The Mayor should act and recruit business leaders as ‘flexible working’ champions, and should encourage private sector employers to adopt flexible recruitment practices
  • Commit to halving the numbers of Londoners earning below a London Living Wage by 2020, including halving the number aged under 25
  • Monitor the pay gap between part-time and full-time workers in London and commit to eliminate the gap within the GLA family