Family Friendly Manifesto

London is a great city – full of energy and opportunity. But it can also be unequal, expensive and unfriendly to children, young people and the families who make London their home.

Despite the clearly visible wealth in the capital, London has the highest child poverty rates in the UK with almost four in every 10 children growing up in poverty. This is a blight on the childhoods and lives of young people in the city. We call on the Mayoral candidates to affirm their commitment to ensuring every child and young person in London has access to equal opportunities.

This manifesto seeks to put together a series of solutions to the challenges many hard pressed families, children and young people face in the capital. We call on the Mayor to create an independent taskforce to ensure that effective action is taken to reduce child poverty in London.

We also ask the next Mayor to ensure they are monitoring a broad range of metrics that measure how well London is developing to become more family friendly. We can support candidates to set up metrics to measure impact and an independent taskforce to measure progress.

We want the next mayor to ensure that Londoners can count on:

You can read the manifesto in full here: Family Friendly London – Manifesto for the next Mayor of LondonFamily Friendly London cover

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